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Business Coach for Wellpreneurs

About the instructor

I help multi-passionate individuals like yourself by turning thoughts into actions and passions into professions. Clients reach out to me in the early stages of their business for brand and marketing techniques that save them time, money and energy!

My job is to help clients (like yourself) clarify your entrepreneurial vision, convey your authenticity, and identify your ideal customers. I work 1:1 with wellness minded women from all over the world, and you can also find me teaching at international events and local workshops. Please follow me on social media @byjustinema and if you'd like to work together, please send me a message!

In this Purpose + Pupus (1hr 20mins) video you'll learn about your purpose and how to communicate your passion in-person and online with an elevator pitch.

Course Contents

3 Texts
2.0 hrs